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Learn with UK's leading training specialist for scar therapy training. Providing evidence led information on the impact and treatment of scar tissue and adhesions. Helping you to appreciate the wider changes that can occur in the body, through our fascial tensegrity and translate the knowledge to become a better informed health and wellbeing professional.

How will you learn?

Restore Therapy learning content is developed and designed to be easy and managable for you to use. Cover in-depth information as and when you have time to study.

  • Easy to use, self-paced learning so you can start and finish lessons anytime, working to fit around your schedule

  • Each lesson comprises of a collection of bite-size videos, around 10-15 minutes each

  • Knowledge check questions after each lesson video will be an easy way to confirm you have understood the key points

  • No studying for an exam or lengthy coursework to complete

Who should enrol with Restore Therapy?

Many different kinds of professionals will benefit from a better understanding of the impact of scar tissue on the body, these are just a few examples. Remember, if you have any post-operative or post-trauma patients in your clinic or exercise setting, you should understand how scar tissue may be impacting their body.

  • Physiotherapist and Rehabilitation Specialists

  • Pilates Instructors, Yoga Instructors and Personal Trainers

  • Sports Therapists

  • Oncology Specialists

  • Osteopaths and Chiropractors

  • Massage and Soft Tissue Therapists

  • Professionals in Elite or Disability Sports


  • Why should I learn about scars?

    Scar tissue is not the same as pre-injury tissue. Whilst the patient may be able to recover to around 70%-80% pre injury function, that is best case scenario. Pathological scars have lower functionality, poor tensile strength and impact us locally (at the scar) and through our fascial tensile network. This course helps you MAXIMISE scar healing, and adapt your therapy treatment in early or mature scars to enhance health in each individual you see.

  • Will hands-on skills or specific exercise protocols be taught?

    This will depend on the course that you purchase. Select a course and read the information included to understand what to expect.

  • Will I understand about scar care products and patient self-care?

    Yes! We explore a range of scar care products available and why they should be used

  • Will I get a certification when I complete this course or CPD points?

    At the end of the course you will be issued a certification of completion which you can submit towards your CPD credits. This course is not examined, so you will not be able to practice outside your usual area of professional expertise, but you will have enhanced knowledge on the subject of scars.

  • How long can I expect to take to complete the course?

    Our courses are designed to be easy for the busy professional. You have access to the material for an allocated time, depending on which course you purchase.

  • What level is the course material?

    These courses are accessible for any movement professionals and practitioners working within physical therapy. From entry level professionals, up to senior level practitioners. You may already have good knowledge about scars, or be totally new to the subject. There is something for everyone!

  • What is the refund policy?

    We hope you love this course as much as we do! If not, we do have a refund policy: If you are not satisfied with the course you must get in touch within 14 days of purchase. Refunds will only be issued, if you have not proceeded with the course material beyond the first full lesson "Patient Care". All refunds are subject to £25 administrative fee.

  • I work exclusively in women's health, it sounds like some of the lessons are not relevant to my specialism

    Even if you work just with a specific cohort of people or health issues, you will frequently come across other injuries, surgeries and traumas which may play into the dysfunction or pain which led an individual to see you. For example, many women have a c-section and also an appendectomy scar. Breast cancer and also hip surgery scars. We explore patterns and fascial connections between different injuries.

  • I don't work in a hospital so how can I benefit from this course?

    This course has been written to enhance the knowledge of ALL exercise or therapy professionals. Scar tissue is often linked with a change to anatomy (a part of the body is damaged, an organ may be removed or foreign material inserted etc.) Physical therapists and exercise professionals can learn to adapt their patient programs to avoid further damage and promote healing and long term mobility after scars form.

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